Physical Spaces

Student Technology Center

Located on the first floor of the library, the USFSP Student Technology Center provides an academic computing helpdesk, assistance and training in software such as Canvas and Student Information Systems, as well as access virtual platforms and software, and a digital makerspace.

Training Room
To facilitate training of students on popular topics, and also as a collaborative space for multiple users, the training and lecture lab will be a space that can be reserved by computing areas at USFSP and also as an open use environment during unscheduled times.

Ten students are the maximum for this space. The training schedule is kept online, and requests for training can be directed to Systems department members or can be requested online.  Five Dell Latitude and five Apple Macbook Pro Laptops will be available for training sessions that are scheduled through the Center upon its formal opening.

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Students may use this space to train with other USFSP students, or any USFSP Faculty, Staff or Students may request use of this space for groups of ten or less, provided that the subject is technology based. To request the space please email with your request.

Academic Computing Helpdesk
This is a place where students can meet and help each other solve course-related software questions or escalate the request to involve the USF IT Helpdesk via a designated phone. Hardware and software installations are not supported, but paths to instruction, student-to-student tutoring, and online resources are available. Reservations are not required, services are first-come, first served.

Digital Makerspace
Makerspaces can be considered centers for peer learning and knowledge sharing in the form of workshops, presentations, and lectures. Our makerspace is a digital environment, with emphasis on solving software issues directly related to academic scholarship. It differs from the Student Success Center in that it does not specialize in academic tutoring but instead on software and computing literacy with an emphasis on USFSP collaboration and teaching tools and information systems such as Canvas, Proctorio, and virtual applications (Google Apps, Adobe publishing tools, etc.)

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MyStudio Video Booth
This service enables students to create their own video content for online classes and other work. Named MyStudio, the MyStudio Booth is a room with an easy to use video recording setup that will capture a video image of the person as well as a computer display such as a Powerpoint presentation. MyStudio will allow users to create high-quality video projects without having to know anything about video cameras or editing.

Use of this space is by drop-in, no reservations are required.


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Contact Information

Angela CouchManager, Student Technology CenterPhone: 727 873-4242

Last edited on August 17, 2017