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Instructional Design Services

Online Learning and Instructional Media Services at Nelson Poynter Memorial Library provides instructional design and educational technology services in support of USF SP’s online learning mission. The Online Learning Service’s team of Instructional Designers serves as a resource for faculty members developing or renewing online and blended courses. Instructional Designers work with instructors to transport current materials into digital format, develop new instructional materials and media, collaborate on instructional design elements, structure the course within Canvas, and prepare for the Quality Matters review process. Through workshops, tutorials, and one-on-one support, Instructional Designers and Technologists work with faculty through every stage of the process of developing or renewing online/blended courses.

Online Learning: The Video Production Studio

Located on the second floor of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, the Video Production studio is operated by the Instructional Media Services department. Lectures are recorded using a process called Video Enhanced Lecture. Instructors can use a “green board,” or chromakey board, to allow PowerPoint presentations or other media to display behind them as they lecture. These lectures are then digitized into various file formats to facilitate student access.

Contact Information

David BrodosiCoordinator, Online Learning and Support ServicesPhone: 727-873-4126Fax: 727-873-4127