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Live Status of the University Network

The Network status located below shows the current status of various University Networks. The information is current as of the time posted under the image (left). This is not a static page, but a dynamic page updated as you refresh your browser.

Live Status of the University Network


The network status is refreshed once every two minutes. It is based on real-time data from USF Tampa’s network management system. If it shows anything but green, rest assured that it is an issue that they are aware of and are currently working on. If the indicators are green but you are still unable to reach the Internet or Internet2, chances are that the problem is local to your college, building, or machine.

Statistics for regional campuses and Internet connections are available through USF Tampa’s Data Network Management Statistics Page, and show connectivity history by date. The site is managed by the service oriented staff of the USF Data Network Management Infocenter.

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Berrie WatsonHead of Systems and Digital TechnologyPhone: 727-873-4402